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NEW! How to win at JAN, KEN, PON! Read this article.

KidsWeb Japan
Check out the KidsWeb Japan language lessons here. They are made just for kids!

This is a nice website with some interesting vocabulary and practice games. You can learn other languages on the main page too. Go here.

Want to practice days and dates in Japanese (like your birthday) Go here.
Practice your birthday online at this website. Click on the month and day.

Try a really difficult KANJI word search that you can print out and do at home. If you do it, bring it in for homework credit! Click here.

Remember your Japanese! Study phrases with this online Japanese Phrasebook: Click here.

Next, check out this awesome online learning tutor for Japanese. Choose a topic, then click on "training" to start learning. Click here to start.

Ready for a SUPER Challenge? Play the game "Big Brother Swap" in which two boys from Japan and Australia go to live in each other's houses. Click here.

Erin's Challenge! A super website for learning lots of Japanese!!! Click here.

Here is a cool website for just practicing on your own

Jessica-sensei's favorite Japanese song!!!
Here is a sing-along version, written in romaji. (see the words written in the middle)

New!!Numbers 1-20
Thanks to Savannah for this great link!

5th Graders and Alumni Students. There is a little bit difficult, but really fun game here. You have to learn Japanese to help a space station get rid of a computer virus.

Just for Fun!

Let's make ORIGAMI!
Click here.

Check out this Japanese penguin that goes shopping for his family!!

For Alumni!

Time Practice clock is here. Click on "Time" at the top of the page. Go now.

Check out these awesome Japanese watches! Go now.

"Time" stroke order. Go now.

Online TIME quiz. Go now.