2018 Year of the Dog!

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New Year's in Japan!!!

This is one of the biggest holidays of the year in Japan! It goes on from January 1st-3rd and all schools and businesses have the day off. We will talk about it more in class, but you can celebrate the Japanese New Year holiday at home by participating in this "VIRTUAL CELEBRATION."

NEW! Check out this awesome page with pictures of Japanese wooden toys!



1. お正月のうた

Sing the "Oshogatsu" song as you listen to the music here.
Mo ikutsu neru to もういくつねると
Oshougatsu お正月
Oshougatsu ni wa, tako agete お正月には たこあげて
Koma o mawashite asobimashou. こまを まわしてあそびましょう
Hayaku koi koi oshougatsu. はやくこいこい お正月

2. ねんがじょう
Japanese send New Year's Cards called "Nengajou" to friends and family. Check out some online e-card Nengajou at this website. Click on a card to see it larger. Here are some versions just for KIDS at this website.

Now, try to figure out what the Chinese Zodiac animal for this year is. Click on this website for hints.

Check out "pounding rice" with Japanese friends on this website. Looks good enough to eat! POUND Rice yourself with this game!

4. おせち
Are you hungry now? Paint your own Japanese New Year's lunch box "osechi" here. Click on the orange words ぬりえをはじめる to start.
Here is some Osechi!

5. かどまつ
Pretend to shop for a "Kadomatsu" for the entrance door to your house. Check out this online catalogue. Click on the one you like to see the price. The price comes after the "yen" sign (like a Y with two lines).

6. はねつき
A fun game to play on New Year's Day is Hanetsuki. Play against the cartoon character Doraemon at this website. Play a different version at this website.

7. はつもうで
Read an online MANGA about how Japanese go to a Shrine at the beginning of the New Year. Go to this website.
8. おとしだま!Read all about how much MONEY Japanese kids get in their OTOSHIDAMA for the New Year and what they do with it here. What do you think?

This is the Kids Nifty web page from Japan. Click around on this page to see Nengajou, printable crafts, online games, etc. all about Oshogatsu in Japan!!!

Here is an INTERESTING version of the New Year's Song. As you watch, see how many Japanese New Year's items you can name.

Here is a cool video showing some of the New Year's customs, such as eating Osechi, visiting a temple, and eating long noodles.

New Year's Day Poem