World Language Teachers

These are various resources that we would like to share with our world language colleagues.

Also find resources from Jessica's K-8 Methods classes at this website.


"Homework that Work" by Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson

Here are some homework ideas from the attendees. Thank you!!

Homework Examples:


"Articulated Curriculum Works to Retain Language! : An Example from FLES Program" by Kazumi Yamashita-Iverson

Inspire Yourself and Your FLES Students to Stay in the Target Language

Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 2010

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Handout from Presentation:

Handouts from Advocacy Workshops with Kazumi and Jessica

Summer Festival Every year, First Graders enjoy the NATSUMATSURI (Summer Festival). We collaborate with library and art teacher of Maloney and a Consumer Science Program in a High School. High school students makes YUKATA (Cotton Kimonos) for all First Graders and makes Sushi for all the participants.

Lunch with the Sensei's Here is the invitation that we use to invite students and their parents to meet us at a local Japanese restaurant on the weekends.

International Education Conference: Here is the form we use to invite presenters (parents and community members) for our International Education Conference.

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Parent Visitation Week: We invite parents to watch regular Japanese classes for a week each spring. We send the invitation, along with class times filled in, home with students at least three weeks ahead of time.

Here is Jessica's presentation from the MaFLA 2009 Conference: Small Group Instruction in K-8 Foreign Language Classrooms

Here are the handouts. Click to download.